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Back 2 High School

Chris is going Back 2 High School! Grateful for the foundation his mother provided him giving him the ‘Permission 2 Dream’. The Chris Gardner Foundation has set a goal to get Chris to speak to 100 High Schools across the country. He will be talking to children about the lessons he learned as a child and how you can become the next Chris Gardner!

On behalf of corporate America, Chris will provide fundamental tools that will open the eyes and hearts of thousands of kids, empowering them to see what is possible when they make the simple decision to become world class in whatever they do.  As Martin Luther King, Jr. said in his final speech to a group of striking sanitation workers, “If you’re going to be a going to be sanitation workers – then be world class sanitation workers.”

Many students lives were changed today by listening to you speak - and I cannot thank you enough for this incredible opportunity.
— Noah Abrams, Clarksburg High School